Au Natural

100% Natural African Shea Butter

Image by daveynin via Flickr

My hair’s been natural for 7 years. Last winter I went to a new hair dresser, I don’t know what she put in it but it starting breaking. Then through out 2010 It was growing back but this winter again it started breaking again. So I decided to give my hair a break from protective styling.

I went to my usual hair stylist and I’m using Aphogee Protein Treatment. This week was my second time using it and I think its working!

For the whole month of February, I’ll be rocking my natural hair. So I started doing more research on how to take care of natural hair. Honestly, I wasn’t really taking care of my hair, I was just expecting it to grow back because I was so frustrated.

So while my hair’s out I’ll be posting things I’m doing with my hair. I’m a member of Natural Sunshine social networking for people with natural hair and it has been really helpful.

So I started using Shea Butter. I heard it’s really good for dry hair. I’m mixing it with coconut oil. I also want to try some peppermint oil cause I love the tingling and the smell. I’ll update you when I make my first mix. I’m going to try to use all natural products if my hair’s natural why should I use artificial products in it?

If you’re hair’s natural please comment and let me know what your regimen is/ what products do and don’t work. I would really appreciate it!

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