ATLien in DC

Every summer for the past couple of years, my cousins come up from Atlanta to visit for a few weeks. I used their visit this time around to show one of them around the capital city.

What other place to begin than Ben’s Chili Bowl? Honestly, this was also my first time at Ben’s so I was pretty excited. After searching for meter parking, standing in line, making our order, we were told that they only accept cash. whomp. Commence 30 minute round trip of walking to the nearest Bank. I had the turkey dog with vegetarian chili and it was really delicious.

After Ben’s we went to the MLK Memorial because I had not been to that either since it’s opening last year (okay so this trip was really for me and I used my cousin as an excuse haha). The whole memorial is beautiful, from the entrance to the quotes.  I can see myself returning to both of these places soon.

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