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As professional as it’s going to get [Natural Hair]

So I was considering posting the photo on Instagram below on Tuesday on my way to an on-campus interview. With the caption ” as professional as it’s going to get”. For whatever reason, I decided against it. Maybe because the picture really isn’t  doing the style any justice.


This is a topic is something I’ve struggled with this semester. I have had intern interviews for various companies  some larger than others and each time I struggle with how to style my hair. If I have it in braids or twist, I usually opt for a bun. But with this heat free hair in twist, I could not quite fit it in a CUTE bun. That evening a Youtuber uploaded a video talking about natural hair in the professional world. BBBD’s video really inspired to not let other people’s comments get to me when it come to professionalism and natural hair. (I’ve been told never to wear my hair out to an interview, that “weave is preferred” ). I’ve also been encouraged to try new styles with the heat free hair.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bout to be in an interview with a Diana Ross or anything, just got to find that balance. My hope is that when the really important interviews roll in, I’ll be at least at shoulder length with my real hair, and will be able to easily slick it in a bun.

What is your “go to interview/ work flow” natural hairstyle?


3 thoughts on “As professional as it’s going to get [Natural Hair]

  1. Don’t let the dubious term “professional” lead you down the wrong path. It’s a restrictive label that means different things at different times for different purposes. Be proud of who you are and present yourself with maturity, decency, and competence. Clean, healthy, and neat hair is what counts.

    My wife is a tenured professional and wears natural hair. She’s worn fades, afros, twists, braids, headdresses, and more.

    Have you noticed that other cultures don’t have to deal with the natural hair issue that women of color do? That speaks volumes to the issue of natural hair and its “professionalism.”

    Best of fortune with the interviews. Show ’em what ya got!

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