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I didn’t go into Amsterdam with expectations as to not be disappointed like the previous two cities. And it partially worked.

The buildings are absolutely beautiful. Most of them have been maintained to keep their historic value. I love the 150+ canals on the Amstel River.

“Amsterdam took its name from the river. The city developed out of a small fishing village called “Amstelredam”, built in the 13th century alongside a dam at the mouth of the river. The town was granted city rights around 1300. The hamlet developed into the small town “Amsteldam”, which later became “Amsterdam”.”(Wikipedia & City Tour 😉 )

The hostel was pretty decent. I was glad to finally stay in a city for more than one day.

Everyone knows Amsterdam for the Red Light District and their CoffeeShops. What I didn’t know (and wish would be highlighted more) is the culture: history and art! Shameful but I didn’t know Amsterdam was home to Van Gogh and Rembrandt. We didn’t go to any museums cause they cost about 15€ a piece.?

The next time I visit Amsterdam I will make time for a few museums. I actually wouldn’t mind going to Amsterdam with the parentals. Minus the weed & RLD, I think they’ll enjoy it was well. It would be great to go to the countryside to visit the original windmills and learn about the wooden clogs etc.

Even the RLD has some interesting history. It started as a way for sailors to have female companions after traveling for long periods of time. Not sure how it turned into what it is today. Even if photos were allowed, I would not have taken any.


Chicken Satay

The food in Amsterdam is AMAZING. The Dutch colonized Indonesia and some west indie islands so there are many ethnic restaurants. Chicken satay is popular there – I had it twice (from two different establishments) because it is that good. This is most definitely the best food I’ve had in Europe thus far.

Amsterdam is bike city! I think that’s the first thing they teach their children: how to ride a bike. In most countries, you look both directions once before you cross the street as to not get hit by a car. In Amsterdam, you look all directions five times for cars, trams, trains, buses, and bikes! Literally, they are everywhere it’s crazy. They win the road. And most of the time they don’t even alert you that they are approaching twww.

Anne Frank HouseAnother place where even if photos were allowed I would not have taken any out of respect. After visiting the house, I realized that I have to revisit the Dairy of Anne Frank. When I first read it ( I think back in 7th grade) I was too young to actually understand what the significance of what I was reading.

The “best part” of the Frank House Museum was the end after leaving the Secret Annex. They had this interactive questionnaire about discrimination of different groups (LGBTQ, Muslim etc).


Overall I enjoyed Amsterdam. I most definitely will be visiting again and staying for more days. Next Stop: London, England.

Stay Safe,



Dutch Pancake


Walk to Wok! Best food place ever!


On the bus tour


Canal Tour at night – one of the many canals



My new favorite hat 😀

Modern windmill

Hope you enjoyed the photos


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