So as you may know from my earlier post, my birthday was two weeks ago. I turned 18! And I know this sounds weird but I actually feel older. I started feeling older last week. I don’t know why but I did.

My actual birthday day was chill. Went tot school (ugh) then went to The Melting Pot. Hmm that restaurant soo good. It is fondue restaurant and you make your own food. You get a salad, cheese, entrée, and dessert.  Although it’s a little pricey I would recommend it for your next outing. I went with my brother so it was really chill but it would be fun with a large group too.

Then the next weekend, my entire immediate family went to BOND 45 at the National Harbor. It’s an Italian/American place. The food was nice but entirely too expensive. It was my first time at the National Harbour and I’m determined to go back and take a good look around. It was soo beautiful, it reminded me of a real city. If you live in the DC-MD metropolitan area I suggest you check out the National Harbour as well!

Then, of course, you go to do something with your friends. Last weekend I went to Bus Boys and poets. It’s a restaurant that has poetry shows on certain days, they also have a book store. It was really nice, It’s themed around Langton Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and other African-American authors. I got to the poetry showcase late though so I defiantly will be making and trip there. I really like the vibe of the restaurant.

So I am yet to do something “18.” The only things I can thing of are going to the club and buying cigarettes/cigars. And I don’t plan on doing either of those anytime soon. What did you do on your 18th birthday? I want some ideas of fun chill things to do that you can only do once you’re 18. I’ll put up pictures from Bus Boys in another post.

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